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A Special Word To The Infants

by Carl B. Garner

Your happy little faces really do brighten things up for us older folks in the congregation. Of course, for your parents, you are a precious gift from God, and a sobering, thought-provoking reminder of parental responsibility.

Since we know that you all want to grow up to be faithful children of God, we know you will appreciate and understand our asking you some small favors. Will you tell your mother that the last three rows in the auditorium have been reserved especially for you? This is because we know of your ability to entertain, and because adults enjoy watching you (sometimes even when they should be singing and listening).

Also, would you tell your fathers that occasionally you get restless and want to talk and even cry. Those who have come to worship (everyone, we hope) sometimes find it difficult to do so when you become too emotional with your parents. Tell Daddy to take you to the nursery while you get him straightened out, and then you can return to your important place of learning in the auditorium. We know you don't want to distract others who are praying or listening to the preacher, even though you might prefer a few stories like Mommy tells you just before your nap.

Some day you boys will be up there leading the singing like it should be done, and you'll be doing the preaching too. And you girls will have little ones of your own who will watch after you. When that happens, us old gray-haired people will promise to pay attention and not holler out or go to sleep.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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