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Home for Sale

by Martha Bentley

Recently we passed by a beautiful old white frame house nestled among stately old oak trees and a well-kept yard. Flower boxes and a swing on the long front porch made that old house appear happy and loved. One could almost smell the odor of fresh-baked bread and hear the laughter of happy children. Into these thoughts came the intrusion of a sign out front proclaiming simply, "Home for Sale." I began to think, "How can we sell a home? Can a home really be sold? How can one put a price on memories? Can mere money buy the sharing of events? Is there a possible means of financial evaluation of love of parents and children, the shared conversations of mealtime with family, the good books read and the sorrows experienced together? What price tag can be put on the spiritual teaching and godly examples in a Christian home? All these things make up homes. Do we really sell homes or just houses?

These thoughts continued to nag at my mind and I've concluded that we really are selling our homes today, even many whose owners are members of God's family. We are selling our homes to the god of the world (2 Corinthians 4:4), who will use his power to destroy them.

We sell our homes through TV, which we allow to freely baby-sit our children, teaching them the ways of ungodliness, sexual immorality, profanity, immodesty, deceit and cruelty.

We are also selling our homes through mothers choosing to work outside the home at public jobs for "things" which are of little value in home building.

We sell our homes through day-care centers for the tiny pre-schoolers and through church "youth ministers" to entertain rather than to teach.

Mothers are selling homes through fast-food chains rather than providing the joys of family meals, using such time for teaching respect and table-manners as well as assuring well-balanced meals conducive to proper body-building.

Daughters are not taught the happiness found in being good homemakers, good wives, and good mothers.

Fathers are abdicating their God-given role of authority (Ephesians 6:1-4), selling their homes through the public schools now steeped in the teaching of humanism, atheism, evolution, etc.

We sell our homes through materialism, leaving the Lord out while putting "making money" first.

Our children must be taught at home to "seek first the kingdom" (Matthew 6:33), having love and concern for others.

They must be taught at home the work and worth of the church and what it means to be a part of it.

Home is the place to begin to learn the Word of God and how to live it.

It is the duty of the home to provide wholesome entertainment and activities rather than expecting the church to oversee such. We cannot expect our homes to survive on four hours of "church-going" per week.

It is high time we wake up and quit selling our homes to the devil. Frankly, my home is not for sale! Is yours? Or have you already sold it??? Maybe it is time you seek earnestly to buy it back!!!

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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