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Life's Little Lessons

by Jerry Carmichael

In the words of Amos, "I was no prophet, neither was I a prophet's son" (7:14), but I have lived over forty years on Earth, at this writing, and have been married to the same woman for well over half of my life. We have raised two fine Christian daughters, and I have violated all of the advice that my father and mother gave me at one time or another.

There is a chance that a young person does exist somewhere who is wise enough to heed the warnings of one who has already made the mistakes and recovered from them. Facts are often heeded, advice seldom ever is! Remember, these are lessons from my life. Others may not agree with all the details but the principles ring true throughout the ages.

  1. You will not understand the importance of sexual purity until after you are married. Stay pure anyway! I promise it is worth it!

  2. Make, as one of your goals in life, a promise to never taste tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs. If you are successful, you will be one of the most rare and envied people in the world!

  3. Please do not buy into the American myth that true happiness and inner peace is the result of more things! The accumulation of material wealth has absolutely nothing to do with real happiness! You may not understand this now, but you will one day.

  4. Do not choose your partner for life based solely on physical looks. Stomachs enlarge, hairlines decrease, scalps become visible where they once were hidden, waistlines go steadily upward until trousers are worn slightly below the armpits. If the physical is all there is to your marriage, it cannot work!

  5. Care about what others think about your reputation, your influence, and your choices in life. This is a great restraining device to keep you from making mistakes early in life for which you cannot make restitution later.

  6. Never allow yourself to become selfish! The happy life is one which is lived in service to others.

  7. Never be too serious to laugh at yourself.

  8. Never laugh loudly and tell inappropriate jokes at somber occasions.

  9. Remember: intelligent people can communicate without profanity and they can settle their conflicts without violence! (Always!)

  10. The majority is usually wrong in matters where it really counts.

  11. Real life is made up of more than ball playing, cheer-leading and baton twirling! Prepare for it while you have the chance!

  12. Never fail to give an absolute minimum of 10% of all household income to the Lord. As income increases, so should your contribution.

  13. People who wear an excessive amount of golden jewelry, who drive exceptionally expensive cars, and who try to display wealth at every opportunity, are usually shallow and insecure with who they really are, and they rarely like themselves much.

  14. The clothes do not make the man or the woman! The heart inside makes the individual!

  15. Never bore people with tales of your own greatness!

  16. Never speak unkindly of yourself; others will do that for you.

  17. Never ridicule or slander your mate in public, or speak unkindly of him/her to others. Talk to each other instead of about each other.

  18. Never put your parents above the Lord or your mate! Care for them if you can, but never to the detriment of your faith or your marriage.

  19. Obey the Gospel and always remain faithful! You will grow to appreciate your relationship with God more each day!

  20. Life is like trying to sink an inner tube. You push one side down and the other pops up. The winners are those who keep on pushing. The losers are those who relax and float down the creek to the river, and down the river to the ocean - never to be seen again!

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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