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That's How He Hurt His Hands

by John W. Moore

Many of us have seen or heard about little boys plucking flowers from the earth to give to their adoring mothers. A little known song recounts a similar story of one small boy who came running to his mother with tears streaming down his cheeks and roses in his hands that he had gathered as a gift for her. The tears were shed because he had cut his hands on the thorny stems of the beautiful red roses. The song's refrain says, "He was showing his love, and that's how he hurt his hands."

In my mental images of Jesus, I often think about His hands and how He used them out of love for others. With His hands, He cleansed a leper (Matthew 8:3). He placed His hands on the tongue and ears of the deaf mute, causing him to hear and speak. With His hands, He gave sight to the blind (Mark 8:23). To the failing faith of a sinking man, He extended His hand in assurance (Matthew 14:31). To a maiden asleep in death, His hand had the power of life (Mark 5:41). But at no time were those hands more precious or more loving than when they were nailed upon the cross for you and me. Those bleeding hands, that bloody brow, His stricken back, and that sword pierced body were given as a sacrifice for my many sins. Indeed, He was showing His love and that's how He hurt His hands. Let all of us see more clearly the love in the hands of Jesus. He truly loves and cares for you.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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