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“I Thought …”

by Chris Kemp

“I verily thought with myself, that I ought to do many things contrary to the name of Jesus of Nazareth” (Acts 26:9). This statement was made by the apostle Paul as he stood before King Agrippa. In his defense of Christianity, he explained how he had changed from being the persecutor to the persecuted. He explained how he had never violated his conscience even though he had done what was contrary to the cause of Jesus Christ. Again, he acted in accordance to what he thought he should have done. Nevertheless, he was still wrong in what he had previously done!

Friends, how many times have we been guilty of following our own human reasoning at the expense of the Lord’s cause? Maybe we thought we should have talked about a brother and his problems to another. Maybe we thought it to be a good idea to ignore certain situations existing among family and friends. Maybe we thought it a good idea to worship in ways we’ve never done before. Maybe we thought it wise to change directions and lean towards what was popular and exciting. Maybe, maybe, maybe … the list goes on.

Brethren, our thinking can get us into trouble. So, let’s be careful and make sure we are living according to God’s word!

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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