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A Reality Check

by Nick Fowler

Is the church doing its job? What is the job of the church? Didn't Jesus come to seek and save the lost? Aren't we the body that represents Jesus? Our job is to evangelize!! Guess what folks, we are not doing a very good job. Most "church growth" that we have seen recently is due to urbanization where people are moving closer to major metropolises and large urban areas. Members are transferring from small country congregations to modern mega-congregations in their new areas. Why isn't our church growing? Here are some possible reasons:

1. Our major outreach method is designed for the 1960's. It is called the "come to preaching" method.
2. Our second most popular trend is to do what denominations do. Guess what, they aren't growing any faster.
3. The major problem is that we just do not care enough to talk to people about Jesus.

What do we need to do to grow? The experts could better answer this question, but I have a few ideas:

1. We live differently. Are we truly dead to ourselves and alive in Christ?
2. We tell people about how Jesus changed our lives.
3. We do what needs to be done without being pressured by denominations around us or traditions behind us.
4. We do a better job at building relationships in the body of Christ.

These are some starter thoughts, food for you to think about and pray about. Let's resovle to repent and ask God for forgiveness as we have fallen down on our task. Let's study our Bibles and become the church that was born in the book of Acts.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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