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Do We Really Need the Bible?

by Bill Dillon

The book known simply as "The Bible" is the most powerful weapon for the renewal of society that the world has ever seen or history has ever known. That's an incredible statement, considering that in the last few decades we have had the greatest explosion of education and technology since the beginning of time. Jet age travel, space exploration, and government programs are realities in the 21st century, yet down in the hard, bitter reality we call life, we have to ask: are these things really changing human lives for the better? Despite our progress, in the world terrorism, hatred, violence, and turmoil seem to be winning the day!

If a man is hungry, we should give him something to eat. However, this is of help to him strictly on the horizontal level. It isn't enough to meet only the physical needs of man, because man is more than a physical animal. This explains why individuals of great wealth, who are not in material need in any way whatsoever, are far from happy. That's why J. Paul Getty, at one time the world's richest man, often proclaimed that he was unhappy and would be willing to trade his wealth for simple contentment and happiness. Man needs more than a horizontal relationship fulfilling his physical needs. He also must have his vertical relationship fulfilled so he can look beyond himself to God. This is why the Book of the Ages will never grow obsolete or out of date.

The Bible tells you to get out of the "What's in it for me?" mold. It teaches that beyond our horizontal needs, we have the sure and certain demand of an understanding from God's point of view, namely, that God so loved us that He sent His Son to die for us that we might live eternally with Him.

The Bible, therefore, is the most powerful means of changing hearts in a hard and terroristic world. It's God's prescription for right living. It contains the guidelines we need so desperately in order to live as God intended us to live.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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