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by Tom Young

A couple of weeks back, a man was shot and killed while leaving his house for an early morning workout. Authorities think that he encountered someone possibly breaking into his vehicle as there were many vehicle break-ins that night in his neighborhood. While this type of event seems to happen almost daily in our culture now, the follow-up story is really what intrigued me. The victim's father-in-law said the man died in his wife's arms and his last words were, "Lord, please forgive me of my sins." The father-in-law said the man was a Christian and lived his life as such.

This made me think about how would I react when I know I am taking my last breath here on this earth? How would you react? I suppose many of us would think about our family members, some might even think about their possessions, but it seems to me that this person's thoughts were on the right thing...eternity!

Unfortunately, many in our world think that they can live their lives never worrying about eternity, hoping they might have an opportunity at the end to make things right. I am not trying to judge anyone's motives or limit God's grace and mercy, but we should remember that the New Testament is replete with warnings for us to be prepared for eternity at all times, as none of us know when that time will come. Many of us may not have a final opportunity to make things right, so we need to take advantage of the opportunity we have today.

Are we ready for eternity? The Bible says it is appointed for man to die, then the judgement, Heb 9:27. Eternity is something we all will face, no one will be exempt.

  • Have you believed? Heb 11:6
  • Have you repented? Luke 13:3, 5
  • Have you confessed that Jesus is the Son of God? Matt 10:32
  • Have you been baptized for the remission of your sins? Acts 2:38
  • Have you remained faithful? Rev 2:10
Thankfully, if you are reading this article you still have the opportunity to make things right with God. One day our life, too, will end and we will have to answer the question that we often sing, "What will He do with me?"

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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