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Forget About It!

by Tom Lynch

Two little boys had quarreled. But the next morning Johnny took his cap and headed for Bobby's again. Surprised, an older member of the family said teasingly, "What! Going to play with him again? I thought you quarreled only last evening and were never going to have anything more to do with each other. Funny memory you have."

Johnny looked a little sheepish, dug his toe into the carpet for a moment then flashed a satisfied smile as he hurried away. "Oh! Bobby and me's good forgetters!"

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all adopt Bobby and Johnny's attitude. Sure, most of the time we would do better to remember assignments, doctor appointments, anniversaries but some things are just better off forgotten.

We can probably feel quite confident that each of us have been responsible for conflict erupting and each has been victimized by someone else. Seems that such is a part of life. I realize that everyone doesn't like me. You'd do well to realize that there are those out there who might not like you. I know that sometimes people who like me misunderstand my intentions and meanings. I also see that sometimes I misunderstood them. But we can resolve those points and move on in life and hopefully find more peace and joy than we do quarrels. And once it's been resolved let's work on being "good forgetters."

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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