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by C. T. Pritchett (13 years old)

Imagine Jesus saying to you, “Enter in, my good and faithful servant.”

The happiest feeling-glory eternal. Opportunities racing through your head for you to do for the next trillion earth years and on and on beyond that. Opportunities such as napping on the highest branch of the tallest tree, looking up at the sky that is as blue as blue gets. Everything is lit up, yet there is no sun.

You could follow streams forever and ever, the scenery getting more and more beautiful the farther you go.

You could fly like a bird over mountains and valleys, over waterfalls and rivers, over canyons and through trees, the grass is as lush green as you have ever seen, and the trees are covered with hues of brown, yellow, red, purple, orange and green like fall here on earth.

You could explore the caves, crevices, forests, anything that God has put there deliberately for the exploration of his faithful children who he is rewarding greatly-for you have the ability to do anything, as given you from God.

You could lay down in a stream or creek, and just flow along, looking at the trees and listening to the trickling and churning of water.

You could eat the loveliest, tastiest bread in existence-yet the bread will have no yeast-it will be unleavened bread, the bread of the Lord.

You could drink the greatest drink in all existence-the love of
Jesus Christ, which poured from his own veins while he hung on the cross at Calvary.

You could share the presence of the Lord, with his love everywhere, with the assurance that he is pleased with you for what you did on earth-being faithful and obedient to his commandments, and helping others out of the dark.
But-the bad side. Imagine Jesus saying to you, “Depart from me, for I know ye not.”

The worst feeling-eternal damnation. The misery of hellfire overtaking you. The feeling of being departed from God-not having his love anymore.

You feel the terrible, agonizing burn of God’s fire, stronger and more terrible than earth fire. You feel the fire, yet all you see is black… as if covered by a black blanket.

You can hardly breathe… as if in a room full of thick steam.

You can’t and never will again hear the sound of beautiful singing, birds twittering, a stream peacefully trickling and churning, or wind rustling through the leaves of a beautiful tree. All you will hear is fire crackling, people screaming in pain and horror, people crying, people wailing, the sound of your own crying and wailing. But worst of all, you will be separated from God and his love.

It is true. It will come to either of these two in the end. Enjoying Heaven, or screaming in Hell. It all depends on your faithfulness, obedience, and service here on earth. The things you do on earth… is it truthfully for His glory or for yours?

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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