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How Did I Spend My 75 Years?


Statisticians tell us that the average life span is now around 75 years. If you are under 30 then you think that is a long time. If you are around my age, you are beginning to realize that is not really very long at all.

A few years ago, someone went to the trouble to research what people do with their time. If we live to be 75, most of us will have spent:

* 3 years, 24 hours a day, acquiring an education -- grade school, high school, college.
* 7 years eating, 24 hours a day -- some more, some less, obviously.
* 14 years, day and night, working.
* 5 years riding in automobiles or airplanes.
* 5 years talking with each other -- again some more and some less.
* 1 year sick or recovering from sickness.
* 24 years of our life sleeping!
* 3 years reading books, magazines, and newspapers.
* 12 years amusing ourselves -- watching TV, going to the movies, fishing, etc.

That totals to 75 years. As I looked at these statistics I began thinking. Let us suppose that you spent every Sunday of your life, for 75 years -- through infancy, childhood, adulthood, old age -- worshipping during two services each Lord's day. Now if you did, how much time would you have spent worshipping God? Figure it out -- the answer is less than 11 months.

Let's double it because you have always attended two Bible classes a week. If you have never missed a Bible class in all your life, that still just totals 11 months.

Think about that -- 5 years in an automobile and just 22 months in church! Twelve years amusing ourselves in front of a TV, and just 22 months in church. And that is if you have always attended and never missed!

That tells us a little bit about the brevity of time and our priorities in life.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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