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by Fenter Northern

We frequently sing the hymn "God Is So Good" in our assemblies at Redland Road church of Christ. Regardless of all the problems we have been through and have faced, God has been so lovingly kind to us Christians. How much exceedingly wonderful it is in the sunburst of... eternity where God has guaranteed no tears of any kind, unless maybe there tears of joy. I had a sister who would shed tears when she was surprised with some sudden joyous event. Just think for a moment, Paul said "eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived what God has prepared." That waits for us just beyond the veil.

We have had several funerals of faithful Christians of late at our congregation, including my sweet Sue. When we must part with someone we love so much, we must absolutely listen to the deep drumbeat of the quiet hallelujahs of our faith throbbing in the nooks and crannies of our soul. It says Jesus is risen, death has been conquered. Yes, in Adam all die but in Christ we shall all be made alive! There is nothing mythical about that.

It has been plowed so deeply into history all the servants of hell have not been able to undo it. The Father told Jesus, "I have glorified your name and I will glorify it once again." Beloved, that extended glory was when he raised him from the dead and it whispers the same thing to you as it leaps from the blood drenched pages of God's word, that glory Christians - extends to us. He has been so good to us, but he will glorify us again in the bliss of being reunited over there where there is no more parting - ever!

I feel in my heart that we can go all the way with a loving heavenly Father God like that and Christian, you do too don't you!! And when that moment arrives of which we have thought, how will I do when waters are washing my soul into eternity --- All have borne it and we will too, then suddenly, bliss upon bliss, the sweet voices of the angels will ring out the jubilee in our ears as our eyes behold the new glory of all glories. And the inconceivable has happened, we feel it in our new transformed bodies, you and I are like Him. SAY AMEN!!!

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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