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Keep the Faith

by Fenter Northern - Redland Road Church of Christ - Wetumpka, AL

Keep the Faith Brothers and Sisters - 1 Timothy 6:20

No greater charge does the church face than this: "Keep that which I have committed unto you." The stakes are too high to gamble the future of any congregation by flirting with the world and giving an ear to the doctrine of wolves in sheep's clothing. Yet there are signs that some congregations are becoming less and less dedicated to scriptural evangelization than they are to evangelizing by adapting new and novel ideas into the services that are, if not already, a good launching pad for the disintegration of New Testament Christianity.

The new idea is not to evangelize by going into the world with the gospel as Jesus commissioned, but rather evangelize by enticing the world to come to worship and bring the world with them. The gospel that cut to the heart to bring repentance like that in Acts 2:38 is now thought obsolete in a world that doesn't mind coming to a fashionable church. The crowd will come if you leave their lusty lifestyles alone - and we love the crowds!

The first inclination of a congregation to drift away is it's winking at the world, then as time passes, to cast the New Testament aside. What has brought some congregations to this? I would say that there has been more emphasis on teaching good Bible stories, as such, than on the holiness of character the Bible story is intended to convey. This gives one the false comfort of attending church services without making any demands on needed changes in lifestyles.

Remember, Herod loved to hear John the Baptist preach, but killed him anyway! As important as baptism is, Paul said he was not sent just to baptize, but to preach the word. (1 Cor. 1:17) The Truth and repentance must come first or baptism is only going into the water dry and coming out wet.


"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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