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Make it Plain

by Dan Jenkins

God's words to Habakkuk, "Write the vision, and make it plain..." (Habakkuk 2:2) should be the attitude of every worker in the kingdom of God. Far too much that we do in His service is not characterized by the simplicity of plainness.

Preachers need to make it plain. Contrast the clarity of the message of Paul to Agrippa, to Felix, and to all of his listeners, with the lack of this quality in lessons that are taught today. Much of the preaching being done every week in our pulpits would be just as acceptable in synagogues and "Christian" assemblies that no longer believe in Christ.

Have you ever wondered just how it was that the preaching of the early Christians turned peaceful cities upside down, led to the disfavor and often even the arrest of the preachers, but the preaching done by many today makes them the most popular men in town? How was it that first-century preaching stirred the hearts of the listeners and caused them to leave their former religions, while much of the preaching today allows the listener to leave the meeting, never knowing that a change is required in his life?

Personal workers need to make it plain. When we study with others, they need to see clearly that they are lost. They should understand the necessity of leaving former religions behind them when they come to the Lord. They should realize, without doubt, their obligation in attendance, giving, personal work, and morality. There is no other way they can carefully count the cost. Personal workers who fail to make it plain render it impossible for the sinner to make a true decision.

Make it plain! This should be the aim for every religious conversation, sermon, Bible class, and home study. Our responsibility is to reveal truth, not to conceal it!

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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