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"My Burden is Light" Really?

by Fenter Northern

Who wouldn't like to have the magnanimous faith that our Lord exhibited on various days when he was devilishly hounded by the envious? Day after day he was put on trial by those who's high point of the day was to catch him in some legal entrapment so the hypocrites could legally kill him. Yet, he had the temerity to invite all sinners to come to him saying his yoke was easy and his burden light. Can any mind grasp that? His burden light? No human being ever bore a heavier load in this world! How could he invite others to come to him because his burden was light?

Now I must come to terms with that after six decades of biblical study and the red sun is now dipping low in the western sky. I am persuaded that what lightened Jesus' load was looking beyond himself to others. Jesus loved tremendously the souls of God's creation. The beautiful and lovely creation of God was headed straight to eternal torment and could not save itself; but he could save it because he was possessed with an overwhelming love that lightened the weight of rejection and made bearable the agonizing pain of the nails in the tender tendons. He had his mind not on self but on his mission to save you and me. Having a heart filled with love and compassion gave him the ability to look beyond himself to the wonderful salvation of mankind -- to look beyond the cross to the happiness shining in the redeemed faces on that glorious day. All this empowered him to say, "My burden is light."

God help us receive strength to take our minds off our self and concentrate on our joint mission with Christ for the good of others -- to lift our eyes beyond the momentary chafing burdens, as painfully grievous as they may be, and reinforce our souls with love for others. I believe that was the key that enabled Jesus to say, "My burden is light" when he was carrying the heaviest burden ever thrust upon a person in this life.

One last note. Since Jesus loved us so much that he bore the cross, and that love is still surrounding us, would he not extend to us today in our drought days a cup of cold water? That's not an emotional question, that seems to me logic more solid than steel.

Remember Sue and I in your prayers.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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