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Never Give Up

by Andy Miller

"I thought you would never become a Christian." This was a statement made to me by one of my dear sisters in Christ a few weeks after I was baptized into Christ. She was confessing to me that she thought I was a hopeless case and that my heart would never be turned by the message of Christ. From her point of view, and surely for most of the Christians I had contact with, there was good reason to think I would never respond to the gospel. I was a professed agnostic. I was a Marine Biology major convinced that evolution was the answer, not God. I had pursued a course of living akin to 1 Peter 4:3. Over an 18-month period I only went to church once, and went to the college-age devotionals only for the food. My language was coarse and my thoughts self-centered. One begins to understand why she felt, "He will never become a Christian."

I gave the Christians around me good reason to give up in their efforts to share Christ with me, but they never did. Instead, as a Christian wife to her unbelieving husband, they won my heart with their pure and respectful behavior (1 Peter 3:2). As the light of the world, they allowed me to see my darkness and eventually glorify my Father who is in heaven (Matt. 5:16). Through their love for one another, I not only saw that they were disciples of Christ, but that I could be one also. Because they did not give up on me, I knew God wouldn't either.

We all know people who when we look at their lives we think, "Man, that one will never become a Christian." That's when we need to stop and reflect on God's power to change lives...a Saul to Paul; fishers of fish to fishers of men; the demon-possessed to Holy Spirit empowered; the lost to "the saved." Never give up, never quit praying, never stop modeling the love of Christ to the lost -- for the world is full of children of God who were once considered unreachable.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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