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Our Prayers

by Eliseo Hinojos

We followers of Christ have several weapons at our disposal in order to complete our mission in the world. The first of these is, of course, the Holy Scriptures. There is another weapon which is very powerful which we often do not make use of as we should. Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons the Christian has. I believe that we do not use it as we should because we have not considered the advantage of communicating with God. Prayer is the only way by which we voice our needs and desires to Him. We have no other means of talking directly to our Creator.

Romans 12:12 says that we should be in constant prayer to God. This is repeated in Colossians 4:2. James 5:13-18 tells us that the prayer of a just person is powerful. "Just persons" are those of us who are in the way of following Christ.

The prayer of faith can raise up the sick. Without doubt, prayer can work wonders and by it the Lord hears our petitions, praises, and giving of thanks.

We can chat with our relatives, friends and brethren for hours. But to God we sometimes speak only for five minutes a day. Some of us can't even dedicate five minutes to speaking to God.

We are ignoring our Creator. He tells us that we should speak to Him of everything, just as we speak to our friends. Let's remember that the Lord no longer calls us servants but friends.

Let us not ignore our God but put ourselves in communication with Him. Let us take advantage of that opportunity, which He has given us, to speak to and confide in Him. Not many people in the world have the privilege of speaking with the Creator of the universe, but we do have the blessing. Yet -- too often -- we are wasting it.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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