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Read and Study Your Bible

by Guy N. Woods

Please, please, keep reading your Bible. Here is why:

* 40% of our brotherhood attends only one service each week.

* 50% do not know why we do not use instrumental music in worship.

* 35% of the above 50% would not mind the use of instrumental music in worship.

* 10% believe that one church is as good as another.

* 90% do not subscribe to a religious publication.

* 75% cannot find the plan of salvation in the Bible.

Most of this comes from a lack of knowledge, but much of it can be attributed to the indifference of members in general to study God's Word. The sad thing about the whole matter is that the people who need to study the Bible the most are the ones who study it the least at home and will not attend the Bible classes with the saints.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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