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Redefining Terms

by The Minister's Monthly, 1968

My idea of unity: Everybody agreeing with me.

My idea of cooperation: Everybody working with me -- carrying out my plans.

My idea of visitation: Everybody coming to see me.

My idea of fine eldership: Elders that I can control.

My idea of sympathy: Everybody suffering with me.

My idea of a sinner: The man for whom I have a personal dislike.

My idea of a righteous man: The man I like.

My idea of a meek man: The man who yields to me.

My idea of a contentious man: One who takes issue with me.

My idea of a wise man: The man who listens to me.

My idea of brotherly love: Everybody petting me.

My idea of great music: Everybody singing my praises.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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