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Sexual Intimacy Outside the Marriage Relationship Can Hurt You!

by Larry Fitzgerald

It is ever OK to have sexual relations before marriage? Is it ever acceptable to have an adulterous affair?

God tells us no! In fact, He says: ”Flee from sexual immorality” (1 Corinthians 6:18). But did you know that unchastity can actually hurt you?

Certainly, there are many possible physical consequences including life threatening sexually transmitted diseases (such as AIDS). The only truly safe sex is abstinence followed by a strict monogamous relationship.

Besides the physical consequences, sexual intimacy outside marriage can destroy a relationship.

Here are some statistics that you will not get from the mainstream news media or Hollywood.

(1) The divorce rate doubles for couples who engage in sex before marriage. This means that “living together” or “co-habiting” prior to marriage is never a good idea.

(2) Adultery is a factor in 83% of divorces each year.

(3) Adultery leading to divorce is now the number one factor leading to suicide in the U.S.A. This ranks far above all other physical, financial, and psychological factors, combined!

If you want a happy marriage, the chances of having that are greatly enhanced if you keep your sexual purity before and after your marriage. And share your intimacy only with your mate after you are married.

One of the surest ways to destroy your marriage is to be unfaithful to your spouse! God knew what he was doing when He said: ”You shall not commit adultery!” (Exodus 20:14).

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