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Sharing the Gospel

by Greg Tidwell

The word "evangelism" is sometimes misunderstood. To some it may evoke the image of a high pressure sales technique applied to the goal of convert-making. Granted that there is a sense of advocacy in the Christian mission, evangelism has nothing to do with manipulation.

At times we think of evangelism as something done by a religious professional. While every faithful minister serving the Lord's church sees himself as an evangelist, this important work is not confined to preachers, campus ministers, elders, or deacons. Every faithful Christian is an evangelist.

Misunderstandings of the nature and scope of evangelism disappear when we keep a clear image before us of the concept as presented in Scripture. To be an evangelist means to be a proponent of the Gospel.

The saving work of Jesus Christ is the ultimate reality for Christians. The Gospel provides the framework for our lives, a reason to press forward in the Lord's work, and the peace of mind to face all of life's troubles.

Whenever we consciously act out of our faith in Jesus Christ, we are doing an evangelistic work.

Yes, this involves sharing our faith with outsiders. It means, however, much more than that.

As we bring the Gospel into our lives, we will change in every respect. Christians live out the Gospel as they present themselves as an offering to God. Realizing that in Christ He has given us everything, we must be willing to give ourselves without reservation in His service.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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