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The Big Question That Makes All The Difference

by Fenter Northern

Modern religion is misunderstanding completely the real problem mankind is facing. They are thinking much as the Syrian Commander in II Kings 5. There Naaman bragged about Abana and Pharpar, rivers at his home, being cleaner water for washing than the Jordan he was commanded to dip in for cleansing from his leprosy by God's prophet. Naaman was speaking the truth but the big question that made all the difference was "could they cure his leprosy"?

Now there are many modern religionists preferring their Abanas and Pharpars - these being their disinterest in biblical doctrine for church organization, worship and sanctification of life. It is not a question of whether their new preferred waters - innovations in place of God's specific commands are more appealing, entertaining and highly popular, but that is not the question. The question is, have they the same cleansing effect and regenerating power as Jesus' and the apostles' commands? Could Naaman have substituted dipping in Jordan, a humiliating experience for him, and be cleansed of his leprosy? When anyone faces that question honestly they will have the answer to whether modern substitutes for God's direct commands can be tossed aside for personal choice. There must be recognition of and a desire for power beyond human to cleanse the soul.

The iceberg on which modern, modified Christianity sinks is sin, a word not mentioned in some pulpits today. People become their own worst enemy when they feel and practice doing as they like when confronted differently with the will of God. A cacophony of voices, some in legal offices, are advocating the foolishness that man ought to have, as one writer spoke of it, "absolute, unbridled freedom to do as he likes, and to drive his way down any path of self-expression that he chooses." Accept that and one can justified just about anything under the guise of phrases appealing to youth without Bible and spiritual depth. Among such new phrases are "the new morality" and "political correctness." Such advocates produce dialogue in silly, self defining ways thinking of themselves as heroes of 21st century emancipation. These things which are supposed to be novel and emancipating are not so in the least, but are common sins producing wholesale moral decadence.

This generation of Christian people needs to have it written indelibly upon the heart that it must be God's desire, not ours, God's word, not ours, Jesus reigns, not us and the difference between right and wrong, is defined by God not man (Jno. 14:7). That difference is that for which Christ died. It stands as irrevocable as ever and without allegiance to that no one can lay valid claim to being a free New Testament Christian regardless of how comfortable they feel surrounded by huge numbers in a mega church.

No man can be free until the power of the Word which is greater than his own has renewed his heart. Either God is God or man is god but guess who will be the judge of all in the last day (Rev. 20:12) AMEN

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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