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The Church and the World

by Ardron Hinton

A statement in Romans 1:22 sums up the root cause of the moral and ethical decline in America: "Professing to be wise, they became fools..." A majority of the people living in America at this point in time would seem to be among the guilty regarding this accusation. What we want to notice are some of the dangers this human conceit and claim to wisdom have caused.

1. Under a banner labeled "freedom" numerous groups have pushed laws and rules that are rapidly eroding genuine freedom. The family, the church, educational entities, and traditional standards are all taking blow after blow. National organizations actually fight against parental rights and at the same time, against restrictions on freedom of access regarding libraries, the internet, etc. These same people then turn in the opposite direction and seek to restrict, even silence, any who do not share their viewpoints. Churches are far more vulnerable today in this regard than most people realize. The same regulations of government bureaucracies or rulings by courts that have proved to be a threat to many organization and businesses are at the door of the church building also. Even meritless lawsuits could ruin a congregation financially.

2. Under a banner labeled "progress" we are being dragged into the same excess of self-indulgence, sexual licentiousness,and senseless violence that destroyed other nations in the past. Biblical morality may be out of style to this generation, but it is still the only standard we have for avoiding the total ruin produced by these "politically correct" notions of our day. Whether we realize it or not, the astounding expansion of the communication industries which has fueled the "progress" creates the most dangerous social climate the world has ever faced.

3. Under a banner labeled "scholarly wisdom" we see the role of God in human affairs being either ignored or completely denied in educational circles. Humanism, with its claim to superior wisdom and knowledge, holds untold power in political and social realms, even as evidence mounts that its ideas are extremely damaging to a people and to society as a whole. Throughout history, we see that human conceit and vanity led to the pursuit of policies and practices that undermined the social or political structure of the time until it collapsed.

How shall we respond? Not with apathy but with resolute determination and commitment to righteousness; not with blindness to the facts but with a dedication to truth and to truth-seeking.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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