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The "Head" vs The "Heart"


The Prince of Granada was sentenced to Madrid’s famous "Place of Skulls" prison in fears that he might succeed to the throne …

For thirty-three years he remained in solitary confinement with but one book to read --- the Bible. He read it hundreds of times. What did he learn?

There are 3,538,483 letters in the Bible.

The word “girl” appears once in the Bible (and “girls” once).

No word or name of more than six syllables can be found in the Bible.

The ninth verse of Esther 8 is the longest verse.

He knew all these things but never became a Christian.

Thought: There is a difference between “head” knowledge and “heart” knowledge. It is a tragedy to spend hours in study -- or year after year in Bible class and worship -- and not make any application of what we read and study.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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