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The Influence of Humanism (Atheism). Impact on Religion

by Jim Mettenbrink

The foremost tactic to foster godless and standard-less Humanism in the hearts of men, is to undermine their faith in God and the Bible. Could this be done and the people not know it?

Humanism's best ally was and is liberal theology which arose out of the Enlightenment and its child "Higher Criticism" of the Bible. In effect, at best it has caused folks, especially those who went to theological schools, to at least doubt that the Bible was actually God's absolute and unchangeable revelation to mankind, if not simply consider it as just another humanly authored book.

Even former atheist, C.S. Lewis recognized the insidious evil of liberalism destroying biblical faith in the 20th century. He said of the higher critics, that "The undermining of the...(biblical authority) has been mainly the work of divines engaged in New Testament criticism. The authority of experts in that discipline is the authority in deference to whom we are asked to give up a huge mass of beliefs shared in common with the early church..." Lewis went on to decry the character and qualification of the higher critics, "...whatever these Biblical critics may be as critics, I distrust them as critics. They seem to lack the literary judgements, to be imperceptive about the very quality of the texts they are reading... These men ask me to believe they can read between the lines of the old texts; the evidence is their obvious inability to read the lines themselves. They claim to see Fern seed and can't even see an elephant ten yards away in broad daylight." In concluding his observation of higher criticism, Lewis stated "My impression is that in the whole of my experience not one of these guesses has on any point been right; that the method (literary criticism) shows a record of 100% failure."

Yet, mainline theological seminaries are the bulwark of this goofy higher criticism, which is agnostic at best, if not an outright atheistic subversion. In view of this fact, one wonders why anyone would bother to study the Bible if it is not God's word. And why would anyone pay a school to study it in that light? Further, what does the minister who has graduated from such schools really believe? And how has that education affected his belief regarding the Bible and God? And why would anyone give credence to a man who presents himself as a teacher of God's Word who had attended such schools? The devil never sleeps! His deception began in Eden and continues to this day, but in the very havens that people think offer eternal salvation.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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