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The Lesson of the Ants

by Arthur Peterson

Several missionaries were having tea one afternoon, when an ant appeared on the white tablecloth, made its way to a tea cake, walked around it, and finding nothing to eat, made straight for the sugar bowl. After eating several bits, it walked off with a small piece. They watched it disappear underneath the door. It soon returned with several of its relations. They climbed the table leg, entered the sugar bowl, and ate their fill. They then departed, each with a piece of sugar in its mouth. But it did not end there - presently a swarm of ants arrived to partake of the same sweet food.

These ants teach us a lesson. The first went and told others the “good news,” who, in turn, went and told the glad story to many more. Like Isaiah, the demoniac, the woman of Samaria, and others, we must “go and tell” the glad story of God’s redeeming love!

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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