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The Lost Boy


Once there was a boy lost in the woods. The alarm was sounded. The whole neighborhood responded. Fishermen abandoned their nets and merchants closed their shops. Plows were left in the field as everyone turned out to hunt for the little one.

They moved at a feverish haste. The night was getting darker and harm might befall the lad. After several hours of searching, he was found and what joy was felt because of the rescue.

Today he is no longer a lad. But he is lost again. Yet, none seem to care. No alarm has been sounded. Many "family members" don't even seem to care. Yet, a worse fate awaits him now. He is lost in sin! Do we care enough to help him?

Let us go to the Bible, the Word of God, for guidance and instruction to help our problem of sin!

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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