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The Power of a Prayer

by Joseph Ferrara

The power of prayer cannot be measured,
'Tis just a feeling to be treasured,
Its power shows in many ways
As we offer God our heartful praise.
A prayer is a feeling deep inside,
A plea to God, our paths to guide.
We pray that He be always there
For all His children, everywhere.
The power of a prayer though not in sight,
Is there through day and dark of night,
It gives one strength where there was none,
To prove God's work is never done.
At times, dear Lord, I would ask of Thee
To grant to me one special plea,
To free me from my dark despair
Through the mighty power of a prayer.
God caters to every race and creed,
Ready to help all those in need,
He will give to all His blessings rare,
Through just the power of a prayer.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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