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"The Sky is Falling"

by Robert K. Oglesby

Well, at least that’s what Chicken Little said. Perhaps you remember the story of how Chicken Little got hit on the head and frantically spread the story that the sky was falling. It alarmed all the animals in the barnyard. The only trouble was the story was not true.

* Rumor number one: The church of Christ is dying. If we don’t make some radical changes, we will disappear in another decade.

* Rumor number two: We are losing our young people because we are not keeping up with the times.

* Rumor number three: The dogmatic silence of many churches is causing division and we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

By such rumors, "Change Agents" in the church are justifying their desire to challenge and change the Lord’s church into a "community church". Dr. Flavil Yeakley, a respected pollster among churches of Christ, revealed some interesting things in his booklet, "Separating Fact From Fiction".

* Churches of Christ are ranked 10th among 245 religious groups in America.

* Churches of Christ are in fourth place in the number of congregations.

* We are NOT losing the majority of our young people; in fact, our drop-out rate is lower than other groups.

* Most other religious groups have experienced far more division than we have, even though other groups have central denominational organizations and creeds to impose conformity.

So, just in case you wondered, Chicken Little was wrong. The sky is not falling.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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