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Things Change

by Larry Acuff

According to the Bible some things never change. Those folks preaching global warming do not believe in or give regard to the Word of God. If the world stands it will be dark tonight and the sun will come up tomorrow. However, there are changes such as the change of seasons. Winter is over and spring has arrived. It brings change. The flowers will bloom and the grass will grow. The coming weeks will bring change in the lives of people. There will be weddings and graduations. The graduates look forward to being out of High School and freedom from those hard boiled teachers.

Many weddings will occur. Couples look forward to a life together. It all represents change. The graduate no longer is required to attend school. If he/she chooses they will never have to attend school again. Things have changed.

Obedience to God is like graduation. It is like a wedding. There is a change. The sinner comes out of the depth of sin (Romans 6) to the glories that are found in Christ. He is married to Jesus and his life will never be the same.

Graduation/weddings change a person's life. So does becoming a Christian.

Several years ago Brother Jerry Hill, from Long Island, New York held a gospel meeting where I was preaching. Not long after, his son Timothy Hill, a teenager ready to graduate was killed in an accident. Jerry's wife, Fern Hill wrote a book entitled, Graduation to Glory. Their son's graduation was not from High School but from this pilgrimage on earth to a greater in heaven. When you graduate from life will it be to glory?

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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