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USA in A Melt Down Mode

by Fenter Northern

Our beloved country is wallowing in evil. It's in a melt-down mode. It has morally and spiritually deteriorated abysmally in the last fifty years. Criminals are not just found among the lower stratum of society but among the educated who occupy high offices of trust. The monumental disgrace of it all is it no longer makes much difference to the voters so long as they are in the same political party; they just re-elect their party man again. I think part of this is because opposing political views seldom seem to have little better to offer. Politicians are scared to death of not being politically correct.

When I was in Freed Hardeman about six decades back, Roy Acuff ran for governor of Tennessee on a platform of the Ten Commandments. While he lost, I do not recall any hate speech or mockery being made about it. One can only begin to imagine the ridicule such a platform would invite today. Dare to compare the high standards in the media a few years ago for language, dress, sex, violence and murder to the filth portrayed without shame today and lauded as Art.

A few decades back, wholesome programs were aired that provided entertainment for the entire family such as "Little House on the Prairie" and "The Andy Griffin Show" and many others. One could attend the movies with a lady friend and not be embarrassed at the vulgarity that is present in indecent productions that harvest multimillion dollar receipts over a single weekend.

Where are the gentlemen and ladies today that can be offended at such wickedness? I realize there are some out there but for the most part they (we) have been Sapphiras - she knew the lying and wickedness was there but just went along with it and for this God judged her equally responsible for the evil.

The nation that forgets God will be turned into hell (Ps. 9:17). The skeptics would like to write this off as a non existing punishment after death but their conundrum is the graves of history are filled with nations who thought they were invincible. They forgot God, wallowed in the slew of unbridled lust and eventually ended up reaping the judgment of the psalmist.

I am neither a prophets nor the son of a prophet (Amos 7:14), but one doesn't have to be to predict the future of a corrupt nation that erases God's commandments from all public places. Either there will be a great awakening of righteous people who will draw a line in the sand to those running wild with our country, or else our good Lord will judge this land as no longer worthy of his blessings. As the land vomited out of the pagans in Leviticus 18:25, so can our people be vomited out of this land for its filth - and the Muslims are eagerly waiting to do just that. Call me a Jeremiah but what I speak has been the constant judgment of history against the diabolical decadence much of our society is presently delighting and wallowing while laughing at God's word. If one says the whole world is just as bad, then remember God has judged the whole world before and we have his word that he is going to do it again.

Sadly, the melt down of morals has so infected some churches that it has caused membership to wane. To offset this some have abandoned God's evangelism by calling for a wicked world to repent - that's out! John the Baptist would be boycotted. To combat loss of love for spiritual preaching, they have utilized the world's love for entertainment to draw them back to church. The vogue in religion is evangelism by entertainment; presenting productions in the name of Jesus that would make Branson, MO and Nashville, TN envious. Just come on to church and be gay without hearing any call to repent or perish.

That evangelism sounds bad to the world. The new evangelism seems to be working now, but God will have the last word. He always has and always will. AMEN!

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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