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Worship by Singing

by Tom Young

Why has God made worship such a vital part of every true Christian's life? First, it honors and magnifies Him, which is one of our primary purposes. Second, it strengthens and edifies those who participate. The songs we sing have specific thoughts and messages that increase our knowledge, develop our character, and stimulate our zeal.

At the very heart of worship is an attitude of mind that is given expression in heartfelt action. But, without the right attitude, no amount of action will be effective. Developing the proper attitude towards worship requires three essentials:

  • Living close to God. Only when we live close to God daily and share with Him our problems, troubles, victories, and joys can we develop the feelings for Him which must characterize our worship.

  • Preparation. We all prepare for our daily activities (work, school, marriage, etc.) and worship should be no exception. We must be physically, mentally, and spiritually ready to worship. Many times we rush into worship, overwhelmed by the daily grind, never really taking the time to prepare ourselves for worship to our almighty God.

  • Participation. We must concentrate on the meaning of what we do in worship. We must try very hard to not let outside matters (cares of the world) invade our minds during worship service. This is something that many of us struggle with…we must try harder. God expects it and we owe it to Him to give worship our best effort. Finally, thoughtful participation demands we make every act of worship a sincere expression of our love and reverence for God.

The song service is an extremely important part of our worship assembly. Singing in worship is a precious opportunity, because we can all participate vocally at the same time (Eph 5: 18-19...speaking to yourselves in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs...). We cannot all be preachers, teachers, prayer leaders, etc., but WE ALL CAN SING! As such, we should be abundantly grateful that we all are allowed to participate directly in our collective worship to God. I remember vividly sitting beside my friend Chris at services in Colorado Springs. Chris was deaf...but he still sang every song. He followed along with us (paperless hymnal on the screen) using sign language. I can't tell you how much that impressed me...he was fully participating in the worship by singing in the only way that he could. Unfortunately, there were others in attendance, who had the physical ability to sing audibly, but chose not to. How do we think God feels when we, able-bodied, healthy people (Christians in most cases) just sit in the seat and don't participate? Don't you think it would be like a child disobeying you? Don't you think that is how God feels?

Are you fully worshiping with your singing? Are you singing to your full potential or just trying to meet the minimum requirement to get by? Remember, singing must be from the heart...we are to do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him (Col 3: 15-17). You don't have to have the most beautiful voice or be able to read just have to be willing to give your very best effort from the heart. Let's all sing together, to the best of our ability, honoring and praising our God for all the wonderful things He has done for each of us.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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