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You Are the Seed

by Malcolm Parsley

There are different kinds of spiritual seeds -- the seed of Christ, the seed of the Word, and the seed we are -- and each seed has its purpose.

Christ is the seed of salvation. The Word is the seed of the knowledge of Truth, for through it comes the understanding of all that is good and eternal.

Though God's word is called the seed of the kingdom ("The seed is the word of God" Luke 8:11), Christians are also seeds sown into the world by Christ: "the good seeds are the sons of the kingdom" (Matthew 13:38). Christians not only sow and harvest the seed of God's Word, but in a very real way we become the seeds that are planted, that sprout, grow, and are harvested.

We plant our actions in the sight of others' minds, and there they grow. We plant our words in the ears of others and there they grow. We plant what we hear in our hearts and there it grows into our thoughts and then into our actions and our speech, into our example for the lives of others -- and there it grows in their hearts and speech and actions. We are always planting and we are always harvesting. That is our life.

The gratifying thing is that the good seed we sow is the good that sprouts up in others, as our words and actions fall into the lives of those over whom we have influence. The sowing can make many around us like unto ourselves, for it, too, reproduces after its kind, and its kind is what it has seen, heard, and experienced from our personal actions.

In this way, we help to create our own environment. When we are good, the world around us becomes good or, at least, better. When we are not good, our world is worsened. Then our cycle of sowing and reaping shapes our environment negatively and -- in turn -- influences us to become worse.

Though it sounds selfish -- and the motive need not be -- the result from godly lives is that the one who benefits the most is ourselves! Our influence returns unto us what it was to those around us, and the chain of righteousness is kept strong. As the circle becomes broader and broader, our influence becomes greater until we find ourselves in the midst of a vast number of wondrous people, all of whom love God and His unfathomable way of life.

When we have practiced this kind of seed sowing long enough, we will eventually find ourselves in the midst of the circle composed only of the righteous. When and how will that be? When the center of our goodness is God Himself, for we are in heaven, the home of all of those who came before us and after us who were wise enough to live lives, planting the seed or being seeds of righteousness.

"...upon this rock I will build My church..." Matt.16:18

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